About JECS ePower Modifier Box

JECS ePower Modifier Box is designed to provide significant savings on electric bills, increase the life of electrical motors through heat reduction and provide surge protection for the entire home or facility. Customers using the JECS ePower Modifier Box have realized savings of up to 25% on their home or small business monthly power bills. ePower Modifier Box, sold to the end user by JECS Limited, has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

How It Works

The JECS ePower Modifier Box increases power factor, by reducing the amount of reactive power that the load draws from the utility company. JECS ePower Modifier Box stores the reactive power needed for the creation of the EMF within the inductive load. As the motor operates, this reactive power is “pulled” and “pushed” to and from the JECS ePower Modifier Box by the motor. The amount of reactive power purchased from the utility company by power factor optimization has been greatly reduced, or eliminated.

Why JECS ePower Modifier Box is so important?

As the demand for the depletion of our natural resources and rising fuel cost for energy increases, so does the need for additional power plants. Our JECS ePower Modifier Box participants have already saved enough money and energy to help avoid building one additional power plant and saved millions of tons in the emissions from greenhouse gases. At JECS Limited, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Your ePower Modifier Box product is backed by one of the most comprehensive warranty programs in the industry. You can feel confident that with the purchase of an ePower Modifier Box product, you have selected the best quality, supported by the best customer service available.

Benefits of JECS ePower Modifier Box

  • Return on investment is rapid
  • Power savings are immediate and average 8% up to 25%
  • Reduces amperage and results in reduced consumption of electricity.
  • It causes less waste of electrical energy while increasing the life of the inductive equipment in your home or office.
  • Safeguards home against power surge spikes and help with Brownouts (Surge suppression up to 2000 Joules)
  • U.S. Patented, NASA Tested, UL Listed, CSA Approved, Cleaner & Greener Certified, RoHS Certified and SON Certified
  • Reduces amount of heat on wire and motor in homes
  • Will work on 220 and 240 volt AC appliance.
  • Can be installed indoor or outdoor. Nema 3R Rated (metal) Rainproof
  • Reduces power demand on generator national grid