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JECS provides a comprehensive array of electrical and technology services for projects that meet both standard and mission critical requirements. JECS is adept at performing research, design/support, installation, and maintenance required to support mission critical projects, such as sophisticated electrical design and installation, networking, data centers, messaging and collaboration solutions, IT outsourcing and support services. JECS has developed a network of technological partners and recommends to its clients the most specialized solutions in the market; meeting performance and high quality standards. We strive for technological innovation in quality, first class products, satisfactory service, continuous improvement to enhance our standards and meet customer requirements.
How It Works

Strategic Priorities

We actively work in partnership with our customers to minimize risk and deliver value with highly reliable solutions. We focus on investing in people and technology.

Talent & Culture

We realize that our innovative ideas and products come from our people, our most important asset. That is why investing in, supporting, and fostering talent is paramount to the success of JECS.

Investment in Technology

We have a commitment to continually be innovative. This is why we annually invest 8-10% of sales in technology.

Diversity of Knowledge and Experience

The ability to transfer knowledge and expertise from one application to a new customer challenge is a core strength and benefit to our customers.
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